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Our custom fundraiser scratch cards are truly one of a kind in fundraising. With our custom cards, we can put your full-color photos, mascot, logo, group information and more on the front of every card! What better way to promote your group or cause than by using cards specifically designed just for you?



Our personalized scratch cards are only $15 each and there is a minimum order requirement of 10 cards ($150 total).  

Each card will generate $90.00 to $141.00 in net profit. Your total net profit for 10 cards will be $900.00 to $1,410.00.


Free Shipping:

If you are located in the USA, we will ship your cards to you

by Priority Mail or UPS Ground absolutely FREE so you have no hidden charges.

Why You'll Love our Custom Fundraiser Scratch Cards:

  • Use your own full-color photos and information
  • Donation amounts range from 5 cents to $3.00 or from $1.00 to $5.00 depending on which card you choose.
  • No Product, No Inventory, No Delivery...Just Pure Profit!
  • This will be the easiest fundraising you have ever done
  • No inventory, no products to sell, no mess


Free Thank You Gift For Donors! As a special free bonus, we will give you 20 Million Dollar Bills

for each card you order.  Use them to thank donors.  After they scratch and donate, give them a Million Dollar Bill

and say "Thanks A Million for Your Support".


Get More Information: 

For free samples and complete information on how to run a successful Pennies To Dollars fundraiser, just click on the red "Order Free Sample Kit" button below.