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Our custom fundraiser scratch cards are truly one of a kind in fundraising. With our custom cards, we can put your full-color photos, mascot, logo, group information and more on the front of every card! What better way to promote your group or cause than by using cards specifically designed just for you?



Why You'll Love our Custom Fundraiser Scratch Cards:

   -Use your own full-color photos and information

   -Donation amounts range from just 5 cents to $5

   -No inventory, no products to sell, no mess

  -We provide a FREE Thank You Gift for your donors

 -You'll earn a huge profit of $90 to $141 PER CARD


   This will be the easiest fundraising you have ever done






"This is the easiest and most hassle-free fundraiser around. After offering everyone an incentive of a 'sprit pack' with a completed personalized 'Pennies to Dollars' card, our football team raised over $6,000.00. Our net profit after all expenses, was over $4,000! This was pure profit with no upfront money and done in two weeks."

Steve Lopez, Head Coach, Wolf Pack Football, Tracy CA



What are Pennies to Dollars Fundraising Scratch Cards?

They are personalized donation cards. You simply ask people who support your group to scratch off a spot (or two, or three) at the bottom of your full-color card, and they donate the amount shown. It's that easy and people love to donate with this system because it is fast, affordable, and fun!

Why do Pennies to Dollars Fundraising Scratch Cards Work so Well?


  •  People want to support your group, but sometimes they don't want to buy something or wait for delivery. Personalized scratch cards make it quick and very easy for people to make a donation to your group.
  •  The full-color, personalized cards legitimize your donation fundraiser. Each high-quality card is personalized with your group name, group picture or cause, so everyone will know who you are and why you are raising money.
  •  The cards make it easy for your group members to raise money fast. Other fundraising products such as candy bars are heavy and they melt in warm weather. With Pennies To Dollars you have none of the problems associated with selling physical products. This is why Pennies To Dollars scratch cards are the easiest and most profitable fundraising system available!
  •  Our valuable "Thank You" gifts allow you to thank donors for their sponsorship. Everyone wins!


How Much Profit Will You Make?

   You will make $90-$141 PROFIT per card! We have many different styles of cards to choose from, and each card makes you a slightly different profit. Also remember, the scratch cards you order from us will be personalized for your group, containing your group name, photo, and any other information you wish to include.