Every year for the last 10 years Avation High School JROTC orders 200 cards and raises up to $18,000.00. You can do it too!

Here Is How The Program Works

1.  Send pictures of your group to We will send you a proof for your approval.

2.  Decide if you want the $105.00 card or the $156.00 card.  (See examples below)

3.  Order 1 card for each seller and request that they get the whole card scratched and turn in $105.00 or $156.00.

4.  Collect your cash and send me $15.00 per card in 30 days if you are a public school.  Others need to pay in advance. You will net $90.00 on the $105.00 card and $141.00 on the $156.00 card. Compare that to just $20.00 profit on a case of candy.

All your sellers have to do is ask everyone if they would support your group and scratch a few spots and donate that amount. 

Why Pennies To Dollars Is The Easiest And Most Profitable Fundraiser

Earn up to 90% profit - No product to sell - No returns - No delivery - No spoilage - No inventory

And most important, your customers will be happy to donate a few bucks instead of ordering an overpriced product that they don't really want!

For A Free Sample Kit, Send Your Mailing Address To Dick@PenniesToDollars.Com Or Call 800-457-2501

Choose Between The $105.00 Card And The $156.00 Card

The $105.00 Card has 60 spots with donation amounts ranging from 5 cents to $3.00 and brings in $90.00 profit foryour group.

The $156.00 Card has 40 spots with donation amounts ranging from $1, $2, $3, $4 and $5 and brings in $141.00 profit for your group.

Request Your Free Sample Kit

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